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Cala Laiya is a Staycation and can accommodate guests of all ages.

When in Cala Laiya, we greet all our guests with a sincere smile, a subtle nod, coupled with clasped hands.  This courteous greeting is not just done as a welcome to every guest arriving at the resort; it is done each time a guest is encountered at any time of day, regardless of the number of encounters.

The nod – almost a half bow – acknowledges one’s presence.  Contact is minimal yet significant, polite, subtle, and respectful. The clasped hands – with one palm placed on top of the other – are symbolic of providing comfort and security.  It is the Cala Laiya way of expressing our willingness to extend assistance and tireless service.

Cala Laiya takes health and safety seriously by strictly complying with the safety protocols mandated by the government, and taking extra measures to keep guests and staff from harm’s way regardless of cost. Below are safety protocols and travel requirements to be strictly complied with by every guest.  Violations of said requirements shall be addressed accordingly.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  We are happy to be of service to you.


Our Health & Safety Protocols

Our Health & Safety Protocols
Our Health & Safety Protocols

indulge in a cozy accommodation

Nestled in a cove just 2.5 hours south of Manila, Cala Laiya is a tropical sanctuary that invites you to indulge in cozy accommodations situated in a pristine natural environment left unspoiled for you to discover.

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